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Leasing services

LLeasing and goods payment services are provided in cooperation with the leasing company and financing platform ESTO and a licensed payment institution www.kevin.eu

By choosing the appropriate payment method for the shopping cart, you will be directed to the leasing company's website, where the financing agreement will be drawn up. The leasing company will pay for the product.

The service may have limited availability. Finance and installment offers have no hidden costs.

Depending on the geographical affiliation of the IP address, you will be redirected to:

  • ESTO LV AS, 40103050993, Gustava Zemgala gatve 74, Rīga, LV-1039, Latvia
  • ESTO AS, 14180709, Laeva tn 2 Tallinn 101111, Estonia
  • ESTO UAB, 305219905, w Gedimino pr. 20, 01103, Vilnius, Lithuania

The provider of payment services in all Baltic states and the EU is:

Kevin EU, UAB, 304777572, Lvovo g. 25-104, Vilnius, Lithuania

An example of 0% rate financing with
12 months installment:

KTM Myroon Pro mountain bike price - 2099 EUR
Monthly payment - 174.91 EUR
Number of payments - 12
Total amount of payments - 2099 EUR
Total interest payments - 0 EUR (0%)

An example of long-term financing
For a 24-month lease:

KTM Myroon Pro mountain bike price - 2099 EUR
Monthly payment - 109 EUR
Number of payments - 24
Total amount of payments - 2616 EUR
Total interest payments - 517 EUR
Annual Interest Rate (APR) 24.24%

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