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Nowadays, there are many different models of bikes available and at the first moment there is a little confusion as to which would be suitable for me. The following bicycle categories are the most popular today:

A bicycle you definitely shouldn't start your selection with budget constraints, because in any bike category there will be very simple economy models as well as very high performance bikes costing several thousands.

How separate categories can be distinguished:

First of all, consider where and under what conditions you will use the bicycle. If you will go on small trips in the city or in the countryside on weekends, then a universal sports bike with a shock absorber will be the most suitable. If you live in the city and want to keep yourself in good shape, then a sports bike without a shock absorber will be the most suitable. If you will use the bicycle everyday, then the most suitable will be an equipped city bicycle with a low frame for an easier start and end of the trip. If you plan to wander along unknown country roads, then Gravel will be your best ally. If you are looking for adventures on forest trails and rapid descents, then the most suitable choice will be a robust and durable mountain bike with a wide transfer range. If you want to get back into sports or serious cycling, a modern electric bike is probably the best choice.

Secondly, the next important aspect is the intensity of the use of the bicycle. If you plan to ride regularly and intensively, then you should choose a bicycle with a high-quality transmission - it will be lighter, last longer and work more precisely. However, do not overdo it and if you plan to use the bike only once a week for 1-1.5 hours, then Shimano or Sram's basic equipment level will be quite good at a very friendly price.

Provocative questions about your habits, which are recommended to be discussed with a consultant before choosing a bicycle:

  • What is your experience?
  • Where will the bike be used?
  • How intensively and how often will the bike be used?
  • How often will the bike be transported?
  • Where will the bike be stored?

 The answers to these questions will lead to the optimal category of bike. Be sure to do test rides with several types of bikes and, in case of doubt, choose the most comfortable one.

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